Bumper Repair At Affordable Prices

Tired of looking at scuffs & scrapes on your bumper? Unhappy with your cars appearance? Looking to increase the value of your automobile? Bumper repair can be surprisingly inexpensive. here at Leading Edge Auto Body, we can repair most bumpers for as little as $95.00.

The bumper basically protects the vehicle from frequent damages. Even due to a minor accident the bumper could get hurt. That is why auto bumper repairs are among the most general vehicle repairs. When the paint on the bumper gets scraped off or when the bumper gets dented even due to a small accident, it affects the appearance of the car.
bumber repair picture
Mainly the cause of most bumper damage is the results of a
slow collision when someone is parking the car, either in forward
or reverse. While scuffs on the door or wings are more likely to be
the result of other vehicles being parked too close to your vehicle.

Bumper Replacement or Bumper repair is the only solution to remove the scuffs and scratches on the
bumper. We can make your car's bumper look brand new. Give us a call for a free quote.
Your Bumper Can Look Like These. Call For A Free Estimate.
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??? Unsightly scratches all over your car ???

Let’s talk about that dreaded site as you come out of your home and walking towards
your car your eye catches something on the car, as you walk closer to the car there it
is, you see it…  There is a big scratch down the side of your car. Now you see another
one on the hood and another on the roof. Yes, there are a few on the trunk lid as
well...You didn’t notice anything yesterday but, never the less there they are. Now
what are you going to do? Don’t worry you may be in luck, and Leading Edge Auto Body
has the solution.
When there are scratches on your vehicle, they are often only in the clear coat and not
so deep into the paint. If this is the case the scratches can be inexpensively and
professionally removed. The process is quite simple. We use a process of what is
called wet sanding and buffing to remove the scratches and make your car look new
However, you need to bring your car in so that we can determine the extent of the
damage. If the scratches have gone through the clear coat, we can repaint the area
and you will never know the scratches were there.
Call us now to arrange for a free assessment of the damage and how much the
repair will cost. But wait, there's more….
A lot of people don’t realize that scratch repair (even if you did it yourself
accidentally) by removing snow, washing your car, etc is covered by most Insurance
companies if you have the proper coverage. If someone else scratched your car (the
neighborhood kids, the snow removal service, etc), you may still be eligible to put in a
claim. In most cases, this will not even raise your rates !!!

  Stop by Leading Edge today to see what we can do to help you !!!